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Redefining the selling experience throughout Travis and Williamson counties through best in-class service and marketing across all price points.

The Carter Homes

I know technology, and I use its full potential in getting you top-tier value for your home. I’m more than just a Real Estate Agent, and with that, I go above and beyond to help maintain a stress free experience for my clients.

Here’s how:

Your Home

Pre-listing preparation

Helping you create a punch-list for your handyman or contractor to help optimize value and potential

Professional Staging

Id highly recommend this for a home with or without furniture. Let the professionals bring out the best features of your home whilst optimizing the space.

Visual Marketing

98% of buyers home searches begin on the internet. That’s why professional photos, videos and 3d tours help get buyers through the door.

Mail Marketing

Nothing beats old-fashioned letters to the neigborhood. Good neighbors know other good neighbors and most people love to check out the new home for sale in the subdivision.

Targeted Web Visibility

I’ve worked in Real Estate Tech for 12 years helping clients maximize their exposure. If its through targeted ads, social media or property websites. Lets get your home seen!

Open Houses

Our bread and butter. All marketing efforts funnel to our Open House events. Its a celebration and we want the whole community involved.


It takes a level headed expert to negotiate on your behalf and get the most for you out of any given situation. I always have your best interest in mind and ready to go to bat for you.

Concierge Support

My clients are my close friends. So if anything is needed in or outside of real estate, i’m the person you can count on.

Pre-listing preparation

Here’s the 3 step process to getting the most for your home

Design Coordination

“Should we move the couch or paint this accent wall?”

I help you make those design choices based on my experience in this market.

Preliminary 10 point inspection

Pre-Inspections are optional but I always prefer to negotiate from a position of strength and with no surprises.

Professional staging

Perception is reality. We want to market your home in the best light which will maximize value. Have one of our vetted vendors utilize furniture that highlights the flow and features of your home. Custom packages will meet your budget.

Unparalleled marketing

Your home, across all platforms

Carter Homes visual marketing

Comprehensive web visibility

All listings include an individualized property website,  Premier placement on Zillow, Trulia and, MLS distribution and syndication to over 100 other secondary platforms.

Targeted local exposure

300 Mailers to the community, Door Knocking, Signage, Weekly Open Houses and outreach to my network of agents.

Leveraged social media

Sponsored Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIN Ads showcasing your property to tens of thousands of potential buyers

Post closing concierge

Vetted vendors at your fingertips

Our service doesn’t end with the close of escrow. Through long-standing professional relationships, all clients will have access to a list of associated vendors, from movers, professional landscapers, architects, pool maintenance personnel, bonded contractors and anything in-between. We’re here to provide outstanding service throughout your home ownership.

Free home valuation

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    The seller's guide

    A step-by-step guide of what to generally expect during the sale of your home

    Buyer’s first impressions are key to a successful sale. Hence, preparing your home for sale can mean all the difference in how fast and for how much it sells for. You can significantly improve buyer’s first impressions by removing clutter, personal photos and decorations, professionally cleaning and/or even repainting the home. By tackling these small changes at the outset, you can ensure that your home is presented in its best possible condition immediately once it it’s the market.

    With over 300,000 licensed Texans, and 150,000 just in Austin, chances are you know at least one licensed agent. However, many of these agents are not full-time and will only sell one to two homes a year. As with any profession, you want to choose a service provider who practices and perfects their craft day in and day out. Also, given the ever changing disclosure laws, local market conditions and technology used to market properties, you’ll want to make sure that you’re working with a competent agent.

    Pricing is key in a successful sale. As you may now, your home will generate the most interest when it first hits the market, and if the price at market or below, it will generate the most activity. If the property is priced too high, you could miss out on the initial interest and be forced to lower the price, selling the home possibly below market

    Accurately pricing requires a concrete understanding of the housing market and the multiple factors that affect its direction. Things to consider include: supply and demand on the local and county level, economic growth, interest rate activity, financing capabilities, job growth in the area and/or buyer’s overall sentiments. These, along with other indicators, are essential criteria your agent should be well versed in.

    In addition to pricing, timing also plays a pivitol role.

    Highlighting your home’s best features, downplaying its weaknesses and appealing to the largest possible pool of prospective buyers.

    After the house has been prepared and possibly staged, your agent should prepare a host of digital, print and media advertising packages for your home. Here at Carter Homes, our marketing goes above and beyond leveraging paper, technology and everything in between.

    Upon execution of the purchase contract, the escrow process begins. Escrow generally refers to money held by a neutral third-party on behalf of the transacting parties. Parties choose escrow to give them the assurance that no funds or property will change hands until ALL of the instructions in the transaction have been followed.

    During this process, the important timelines related to contingencies in the contract are as followed:

    1. Buyer’s deposit is given to the escrow company
    2. Additional inspections, if any, are performed
    3. An appraisal is performed if there is a loan involved
    4. If there is a loan, the buyer goes through the lender’s approval and underwriting process
    5. If your property is a condo or townhouse, the homeowner’s association provides a package of HOA documents and transfer paperwork

    Once the contract criteria are met, the escrow company contacts your mortgage holder and any other lien holder to request a pay-off amount. The escrow company then prepares the settlement statement detailing your pay-off and other closing-related expenses for your review. You will then meet with the escrow officer to sign the deed transfer and other documents, while the buyer meets separately to sign their loan and closing documents.

    After the buyer signs off on the loan documents, the escrow company sends them back to the lender for final review and funding. Once escrow receives all the funds from both buyer and lender, the sale is recorded with the county and your ownership has been conveyed to the buyer. That day, all keys and garage door remote controls need to be turned over, and the house should be cleaned out and ready for the buyer.