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Calculated home buying

What I focus on is simplifying a very complex home buying process. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or an accomplished real estate investor, I provide unrivaled advice, guidance and discretion at every step of the way, from your initial search to post-closing services.

Leveraged Tech
Market Knowledge
Contract Knowledge

I bring together data-driven analytical tools and proven search strategies to help you accurately locate, research and secure properties with ease.

I live, work and thrive in the communities I serve, allowing for intimate market knowledge which I leveraged in sourcing the best deals for you. This includes access to off market properties, pocket and coming soon listings

With my background in Real Estate Technology and Product development. My approach is summarized as ‘aggressive creative’. Why pay over list price when there’s other avenues in making your offer most appealing in multiple offer situations.

With the acceptance of an Offer, the contract becomes binding on both parties. Complete knowledge of the terms and their meaning is tantamount in executing a successful transaction at the best price.

The Carter Home Experience doesnt stop at closing. I am a resource for properly vetted vendors from cleaning crews to dishwasher repairmen. Each client will have unlimited access to these vendors and my discounted pricing.

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    Curated home buying guide

    As one of the largest purchases in your life, it is imperative that you select a highly competent agent. One whose willing to listen to your wants and has the time to answer your questions while providing you the service you deserve.

    Agent consultation

    The first crucial step in the purchasing process is finding the right, qualified agent to guide you through a successful transaction. Purchasing a home is a big investment with many legal and financial ramifications, so you should not choose an agent merely on “personal connection” or because that agent is “nice,” without further investigation. Connecting with your agent is key on all levels as this is one of the biggest purchases of your life.


    Getting pre-approved by a local lender is one of the first things you should do for many reasons. In Austin, a pre-approval letter is a prerequisite for serious consideration of your offer. Knowing the available loan amount will help determine what your budget is and what are our realistic expectations. I have a list of preferred lenders who can have you pre-approved in less than 24 hours.

    Neighborhood and general market research/viewings

    Clients generally have an initial idea of what cities and neighborhoods appeal most to them. However, you should examine your criteria to determine the areas within the neighborhoods you feel are a good match. If you’re relocating from  out of state, ill personally take you on tours of different neighborhoods to give you a feel for what the city has to offer and help narrow your search. 

    Offer submission

    Next, ill work with you to draft an offer. I’ll speak with the listing agent ahead of time to ascertain the seller’s desires and what personal items they are willing to part with in selling the home. This helps build engagement while opening up a strong line of communication in negotiations.

    Offer acceptance, counter or rejection

    Once the offer has been submitted, three things can happen: 1. It’s accepted, 2. It’s rejected or 3. It’s countered. In a competitive market, if the offering price is not near market value, Ill help provide comparables to the listing agent so we can best get on the same page. What we don’t want to do is overpay but also want to educate enough so we do not offend.

    Escrow process

    After the parties formed a contractual agreement, the escrow period begins. The Title Company is a neutral third party that acts as an intermediary between the buyer and seller.


    At last, you’re a home owner! During closing, your funds are transferred to the seller by escrow whom will also record the deed in your name. Upon recording, we are happy to bring you the keys to your new home and any additional information (HOA) would be provided at that time as well.

    Post closing

    Congratulations! As you settle into to your new home, I’m happy to continue to be a valuable resource for you. I’m  always available to provide you with continued information and resources including: contractors, repair services, landscapers, and anything you can think of.


    Corey did an excellent job! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. He is goes the extra mile and works hard and has true integrity. He is professional across the board and genuinely take an interest in his clients.


    First time home buyer here! My husband and I walked into an open house with no realtor, no experience in real estate, and no idea of how the whole process worked. Corey was the first realtor we met and it was kismet. He made himself readily available, was quick to respond to text/phone calls, and  never pressured us towards anything. Super chill and understanding. If anyone ever needs a realtor, I will be quick to suggest Corey Carter.


    We had an incredible experience with Corey. He made moving from out of state as easy and stress free as it possibly could be. As someone who has worked with many realtors over the years, Corey stood out for many reasons. His honesty, integrity, and knowledge of the Austin area made the whole  process of finding a home an enjoyable process. After looking for several months in a variety of locations around Austin, Corey helped us settle on the perfect house in a neighborhood that was exactly what we needed. He was instrumental in getting us the best possible deal and was thorough in explaining all of the contracts. I can absolutely recommend his services with 100 percent confidence.